Etched Selenite Charging Plate

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One selenite charging plate with the seed of life and Triple Goddess Symbol etched, from Morocco.


Selenite "Satin Spar" is believed to be a grounding and cleansing crystal, often said to cleanse the aura, energy, environment, and other crystals.
The seed of life is part of the flower of life, which is one of the sacred geometry shapes, it represents creation.
The Triple moon or Triple Goddess Symbol represents the waxing moon (the maiden) , the full moon (the mother), and the waning moon (the crone). It represents phases of the moon, or of a woman's life.


Measures 150 x 40 x 9 mm, weighs 116.5 grams.

*Please note: your selenite charging plate will be chosen intuitively for you. There are several available, they vary slightly in size, shape, and appearance. Each charging plate has its own unique qualities.