Smudge Kit 9 Piece Set

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Smudge kit

Some recommended uses:
Cleansing a new home, office space, car, or to reset the energy of your existing home.
Opening meditations, or a ritual.
Cleansing crystals, jewelry, or other items.

This kit contains:
1 direction sheet with metaphysical properties
1 abalone shell
2 palo santo sticks
1 bag of cedar
1 sweetgrass braid
1 star anise
1 quick light charcoal
1 selenite
1 feather

You may not receive the exact kit photographed, smudge kits are made to order, yours will be handmade intuitively for you.
Please see the last photo for approximate measurements, your kit will have the same items and be similar in size but each Smudge Kit will have unique characteristics and vary slightly.

*Please be cautious when lighting the charcoal, do not place your abalone shell on or near any flammable items until completely cooled, have a glass of water nearby incase embers fall, have a nonflammable surface prepared to set your abalone shell if it gets hot in your hand.